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Ok, true update time... 
26th-Aug-2008 04:35 pm
So, this summer was unlike any other I've had before. In the beginning, I had a hard time finding a job, but eventually I got one at ShopRite, a grocery store. I just figured it would be like every other job, something to do for the money and then bail out at the end of the summer to get back to my real life. I couldn't have been more wrong.I never knew I'd meet the people I met or end up with more friends than I've ever had in my life. And then there was him.

Of course, Jenn can't go through a summer without getting a crush on someone, right? His name is Dan. At first I didn't really like him because he kind of creeped me out with his long hair (for some reason, guys with long hair scare the shit out of me), but then he was really nice to me when no one else was (it helped that a few days later he shaved his head and it made him more approachable). We all know how it goes, I kind of forgot about him for a little bit, until the managers told me that I had to be trained on the self-checkouts (SCOTS for short). He, of course, was the person who ran those. I don't even know what happened that day, but after that I definately had... something. Of course I was akward the whole training process, because that's how it goes with me.

I made the mistake of telling my friends that I liked him and of course everytime I hung out with them, they were pushing me to ask him out, which I ended up doing. Can I just say that I was really expecting him to say no? But, surprisingly, he agreed. Then we went mini-golfing (GAYEST THING EVER, DON'T DO IT). We actually ended up having a lot in common (weird 'cause that never happens). Yet again, I was expecting him to just blow me off afterwards (let's face it, its happened before), but he surprised me again by asking me to go to the movies with him.

Yeah, and ummm... I don't really know what we are, but we're something, friends or otherwise. We hung out a lot, just watching tv and stuff, and we've gone out a few more times. Kissing and hugs are involved. I don't want to label us if there is anything more than just friends because I really hate that. He's... very confusing. His actions say one thing, but the way he talks is something completely different. I don't know. It doesn't matter anyway because in the end what I do know about this whole thing is I like being with him and I like talking to him. That's what I do know.

So far we've talked on the phone every day since I left for school, granted it's only been 3 days, but still. If I was just another stupid girl to him I think he would have stopped calling or something. Ugh, I hate this business. I don't like talking so much about this kind of stuff because I feel like I'm annoying everyone with all this shit, so if you guys ever get sick of me talking about him, just tell me.

Ok, Dan aside now, ShopRite really isn't that bad. For the most part, the people I worked with are nice. The customers are another story. Never have I been cursed out by so many different people I didn't know. It was good times in the end, though. I laugh about it now.

Sarah came down to visit. I hated that whole week. Worst week of the whole summer, hands down. :(

Other than that, I'd say it was pretty uneventful, other than the numerous fights I got into with my family over everything and nearly starving to death because they only went shopping once the entire time I was home. Yeah, yeah I know "You worked in a grocery store and you starved to death?! Why didn't you just buy food there?!" And the answer to that... because I am cheap.

I knew I was not going into this year of college finacially strong, so I figured starve over the summer to feed myself in the ten months I was going to be in the bowels of Hell. I'm not gonna lie, there were entire days when I didn't eat because my family's a bunch of jackasses. So now, I try to gain back the 10 pounds I lost over summer, which is going to be difficult.

So that was pretty much my summer and I would have put that whole thing behind a cut, but I lost the code to make the cut, so I apologize.

Until next time!
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