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6th-Nov-2008 04:52 pm
I've been neglecting this journal for a week or two. I've got a new journal that I've been posting every day, but I've been doing it anonomously as a sort of writing challenge to illustrate how much people really tell people that they never met. Or something like that. if you do happen to stumble onto it, I ask that you don't reveal who I am, because you guys will know its me when you read the style of writing.

On another note, November is here! And we in the writing world know what that means. The return of National Novel Writing Month, as if my life wasn't stressful enough. Of course, I'm a glutton for punishment and decided to participate. It's kind of like crack; you get addicted to the ruush of having so many words flow from your brain to the page. Really, there's nothing like that feeling. Here's a little synopsis of this year's novel for you:

Synopsis: The Uneditted, Uncut Autobiography of Abigail Chester
One of Hollywood's biggest names, Abigail Chester, comes forth to tell her story. From growing up in a middle-class, suburban home to becoming a household name, she chronicles everything from how she lost her parents, to disappearing off the grid, to her rise to success, and then how she lost it all. Leave everything you thought you knew about Abigail Chester behind, because as she said, "I'm here to prove you all wrong."

Excerpt: The Uneditted, Uncut Autobiography of Abigail Chester
Chances are you picked up this book to find out the truth. Many of you know me from my rock band Tanglewood. Even more of you know me from the recent highly-publicized court case. And all of you have your preconceived notions about who you think I am. Well, I’m here to prove you all wrong. Don’t judge me based on that trial or what you know about my popularity. What all of you need to know is that I’m human; I make mistakes. I suppose the best place to start this story is the beginning.

I was born on August 24, 1983 at a small hospital in the backwoods of New Jersey to George and Lynn Hutchensen. I was a completely unremarkable baby; I looked like all the other newborns in the nursery. Just like all of you, I had to learn to walk and talk and use the “potty.” I grew up in a typical lower-middle class household. My parents struggled to pay the bills every month, but we never went without dinner.

So yeah, not too sure how it's going to turn out, but I have high hopes. I plan on setting up the chapters like "tracks" on a cd and have each chapter open up with the song lyrics for one of "Abby's" songs that she's written. I've found out that I'm no Frank Sinatra, though, when it comes to writing lyrics. I'm just glad I don't have to do it for a living lol.

So yeah, that's the most current news. Some things went down in the past few weeks that I'd rather not talk about because they weren't the most modivating. I'm hoping to put all of that behind me and start fresh. That's abut it, I think.

Stay cool, guys!
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