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4th-Mar-2008 08:49 am - RIP Grampa
My grampa died last night. I'm going home so that's why there probably won't be any new posts for a while.
6th-Feb-2008 01:42 pm - Wow
So, the primarys for New Jersey were yesterday. I didn't vote because I'm a bad person who doesn't really give a shit about the government (as long as they don't raise taxes too high). Yeah. There was a camera crew in teh cafeteria today and they were interviewing students about their political views and this one girl was getting all into it. She went off about abortion and how she was completely against stem cell research and she closed her rant with, "I'm not voting because none of the canidates match what I think." What a dumbass. Once the camera crew left she was freaking out about being on the news. At least she'll get her 15 minutes of fame.

Anywho, a bunch of tornadoes tore through Tenessee/Kentucky and it went through a university and killed 48 kids. They were all asleep because it was really early this morning. I feel really bad for their families. Now see, why wasn't the news dude asking people about that? That's more important than the election. 48 families are now missing a loved one. It's just sad.

So, Rush Week for the sorority started. My mom is forcing me to try to get into the sorority. Yippee. She said she doesn't want me just sitting around the room anymore. She wants me to get out and make "friends". They won't accept me, I know it. Number one, my GPA's too low to be in it. Number two, I hate interacting with a large group of people who don't have the same valus as me. I'm a straight edge vegeterrian, and they (let's face it) are a sorority. Staight edge means that you don't drink, smoke, have promiscuous sex, and no drugs. Yeah, that's not really going to work out.

I finally started editting my novvel yesterday. It' only took me 2 months to get up the courage to see what kind of shit I wrote. Overall, for it being written in 2 weeks, the plot's strong, but the main charectures are severly lacking personality. They're just there to move the plot along. The supporting cast is good, though. They all have personalities, but teh two main ones suck.

The weather here is crazy. Tis morning it was 54 degrees (about 22 degrees Celcius) and now it's 44 (12 Celsius). Ugh, I hate Scranton weather. I think I just hate Scranton. I can't wait to get out of here.

I think that's it for today. I hope so. TTYL!
23rd-Jan-2008 02:18 pm - I'm done.
Casablanca- Rick
Ok, I would have put this behind a cut but you see I lost my fucking memory stick with the cut stuff on it. By the way, there be much more cursing beyond this point.

So yeah. This is a pretty complicated story. In my college, if you're and education major youre required to take this thing called field experience every semester from your sophmore year to junior year. Field experianceis basically where you go into a classroom and observe a teacher for 3
hours a week. In order to be approved to go into the school, you need to have a few things, called clearances. The first two don't really matter because they aren't what I'm going to be talking about.

The third is called a FBI clearance, basically you get your fingerprints taken and they're sent to the FBI and they check for any kind of criminal background. When you pass, they send you a letter and you give it to the director of Field Experiance and it's supposed to last four years while you're doing this. Well, starting this semester, they put some new policies in place that they didn't tell anyone who was an Ed. major. Namely that you need to get your fingerprints done EVERY. YEAR.

So I went down to pick up the information where I was supposed to observe and it wasn't there, so I asked the lady and she told me this. I'm like, ok, cool, my fingerprints are still good up through march, I'll just have to get them redone before then so they last me the rest of the semester. I brought down my fingerprints a few minutes ago and guees what? They're no good. I got them done back in New Jersey when I started substituting in my old elementary school. Apparently I need to get them done in Pennsylvania for them to count.


I paid $78 to get them done the first time in New Jersey and now I have to shell out another $40 to get them done AGAIN in Pennsylvania. The money kind of concerns me, but that's not the worst of it. Since I'm still actively employed by a school in New Jersey, there is a 75% chance that I won't be aloud to get them again in Pa. This sucks ass.

Sarah is also having problems with getting all of her clearances in. She knows that she's not going to Field Experiance. She's just as pissed as I am.

So, I'm almost positive that I'm going to be dropping my Ed. minor just because of all this bullshit that I have to go through. Me and Sarah can't decide whether we're going to be traveling minstrels or join a circus. Both are really good options.
1st-Dec-2007 05:17 pm - WOOOOoo! November is over!
So, my last post was about my novel, and thi post will also be about it as well.

I think the last post I had something like 27,00 words? Yeah, you wanna know how many I have now?


That's right. I finished my word count and my novel. It's completely done! I was soooo happy last night when I finished. I was dancing around the room shouting "I did it! I did it!" I think my suitmates must have thought I was crazy, but I don't care.


So there you go. There should be an excerpt you can read in there. I want you to bear in mind that the excerpt is a first draft, so it' not perfect. Some guy mailed me about it and he said that it was "juvinile and you wrote 3 rather than three, and you compaired the guy's hat to a KKK hat. Very unprofessional." Yeah, buddy, it was my first draft, get a life.

But anyway, there is no other word that YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that could describe that feeling last night.

Now, time to edit and rewrite the whole damn thing.
27th-Nov-2007 01:03 am - Well Now
What have we learned this November, Jenn? We've learned taht Jenn can't write 50,000 words in less than 30 days. 22 days to be specific. We have also learned how to pace our novel so that we don't use the whole plot in the first 20,000 words. We also learned where to draw the line with subplots. More subplots = confused reader = confused writer that forgets where she put subplots and what they were. We've learned to schedual our time wisely, and we have also learned that Jenn's the biggest procrastinator in the world.

A few good things came out of doing this, though. I figured out that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Sure, times got hard, and everyone on my AIM buddy list knew when I had writer's block, but you know what? This was an experiance that I wouldn't change. If I had to do it all over again, I would sign up again in a heartbeat. I accomplished more than I thought I would, because to be perfectly honest, I wasn't expecting to get past 10,000 words. I may have run out of plot and rushed through the plot so fast that I didn't have time to tie together the intricate lacing of a wonderful plot, but the plot that I did write ended up turning into something that I could have never imagined. Over the past 18 days, I've had minor charactures turn into main char. and main cahr. turn into minor char.

So what's my word count as of this minute? It's not 50,000 words, but it's a respectable number:

27,710 words
55 pages in Microsoft Word

My goal is to finish in 30 days, not 22. So I will be writing until December 8th.
14th-Nov-2007 03:03 pm - Oh Boy...
It's been a while hasn't it? A week I think. I've been so incredibly busy it's not even funny. I'm at work (where else?). I needed a break from writing. I decided to sell my soul to NaNoWriMo. November is National Novel Writing Month, so I decided, what the hell? I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. By November 30th I have to write 50,000 words. I signed up for it last Wed. and didn't start writing anything until Friday. I'm gonna be honest, I'm not sure if I'm going to finish. There's 16 days left and my current wordcount (in word at this very moment) is 12,716. 50,000 words = ~125 pages. 12,716 = 31 pages. Even if I don't get it done, you know what? This is the most I've ever written ever, especially in 5 days. I've got it all figured out, though. If I can write 2,326 words a day, I should make it. My biggest problem right now is I'm rushing my plot. I have to cool it down and add some chill scenes. You know, pointless, adds minimal to the plot except charecture developement. None of my charectures are developed, they're just kind of thrown in there. Lol, some of them don't even have personalities because I rushed through it. Ok, enough of a break, I've got to get back to work. I only wrote 400 words so far and I'm trying for 3,000 today.

Hit me up!

5th-Nov-2007 12:01 pm - Oh Mah God
Alright so the past 36 hours have been educational, to say the least. What did we learn in the past 36 hours, Jenn? We learned to always back up our files on the computer. My laptop decided that it was sick of my shit, so it decided to commit suicide. The whole thing crashed and burned worse than the General Lee on acid (if you don't know what the Genral Lee is, you should be shot). I lost all of my music, files, folders, pictures, ect. I'm not gonna lie, I cried. So, I took it in to Circuit City to get it repaired and the guy did a system restore, which took 5 hours. It's fixed now, but I still lost it all. For some reason, iTunes hates my computer and every time I try to re-download it, it tells me, "Haha, Jenn, screw you!" So I am still without music, which is depressing. Most of mt files were actually on my memory stick for some reason, so I still have most of them. I have to retype my Early English Drama paper, though, because of course that wasn't on the memory stick. So yeah. Now I have to take the laptop over to the campus tech guy to see if he can get my iTunes running smoothly again.

That's all for now, I'll update later about whether my computer decides to jump out of my dorm window.
31st-Oct-2007 02:11 pm - Oy.
So, I'm in the library at work right now. I can't concentrate on doing anything useful because my suit mate is in here. She's pissed because me and Sarah still haven't signed the book to get toilet paper for the bathroom. She's also pissed because neither me nor Sarah has cleaned the bathroom in a month. I cleaned it twice last month, so that should count once for this month right? We have this deal where each girl cleans it once a month. So basically, Sarah should do it this week, but we all know she's not going to. I really should be reading King Lear or Dr Faustis or doing calculus homework, but like I said, her voice is distracting.

I turned in my entries for the writing contest today. so, let's count how many pieces of paper I used. 10 pages long for one story, 3 copies of that, thats 30 pages. Another story, 11 pages long, that's 33 pages. 1 name sheet for each story, 2 pages. Add it all up, 65 pages. The value of winning v.s. killing Sarah's printer: priceless. Don't be thinking I used all her paper and ink, because it's my paper and ink that's in her printer. Owned.

I still can't believe that I'm almost fully caught up in everything. I'm amazed. Even though I'm still failing calculus. I'm going to talk to my prof tomorrow about it. If there's no way I can bring my grade up to a D, then I have to drop the course. :( Suuuuck cause then I have to retake it AGAIN next year. I hateee that class. I'm thinking about just letting it live and let die. I tried once, it brought my GPA down so far that I was almost expelled. Why bother trying to make it up when I have numerous other classes I still have to take.

Okie dokie, I'll let you guys get back to your lives and stop listening to my drivel.

PS: If you ever get the urge to watch Thirteen Ghosts, don't. </3 Poor Matthew Lillard. He actually played a characture with some sort of substance, but of course, he dies. PPS: Where The Heart Is is probably the sappiest movie in the world, but I love it.
22nd-Oct-2007 11:16 pm - Career Identiy Crisis!
I realize at this time in my college carrer that I have no idea what I want to do with the rest off my life. Right now, I'm an English major, Ed. minor. I knew going into this that I hated teaching. I hate kids, so why should I do it? What else can I do with an English major? I'm so confused.

I would LOVE to be a writer, but I have a hard time finishing any kind of book/story I write. I hate writing for the newspaper, especially when you have to write shitty stories about stuff like "the new parking policy". I like writing fition.

I've also thought about opening a coffee shop. A tiny, kind of out-of-the-way place nothing like starbucks. But, there's too many coffee shops and cafes in this world already.

So I'm lost. I'm a sophmore in college with no iea what to do with my life. If anyone out there has any kind of idea as to what to do, please, I need some help.
21st-Oct-2007 02:46 pm - I'm in my bed, dreamin' my dreamz...
Ok, I had a scarey assed dream last night. I was married and had kids. Apparently I lived in San Fransisco and I went to go visit my mom and my brother in New York City. I don't know where my dad was. We went into a grocery store because my mom ran out of food and I ended up getting into a fist fight with my brother who was older than he is now and I gave him a black eye. I left money for my mom's food and left and went back to S.F. and it turned out that my kids were with my mother-in-law at Disney World. So I went there to get them, but Disney looked exactly like Six Flags. It was weird. I had 2 kids, one was a boy who looked like he was around 3-ish, and a girl who was like 6 months old-ish. Then, I woke up. Seriously, I do not plan on having kids ever. Why am I having these hallucinatory dreams lately? They scare me lots.

Ths was a pretty pointless post. Sorry for wasting your time.
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